Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Being Your Dirty Little Secret

I remember back in the early 80’s when David Lee Roth was still the front man for Van Halen, and I read an interview with him where he said (and I wish to God I had the exact quote… but I have to paraphrase this) that whatever you fantasized about in your dirty little mind was probably way better than anything he could give you in the bedroom.

I have always loved the concept of fantasy… role play… letting your mind wander into places, situations, and scenarios that may, or may not actually happen. I suppose that as a writer, that’s somewhat natural. But one of the things I’ve found most interesting about writing this blog is people’s reactions to it. Thus far, I’ve entered some topic zones that you don’t generally read about every single day. Some find my openness gutsy and bold; some find it sexy as hell, and others… completely creepy.

What’s been interesting, though, is that not many people will comment on what I write publicly. Some do, but for the most part, I get private emails that whisper, “Psst… I really like what you wrote… I feel that way, too! But PLEASE don't tell anyone I said so!” You know what? That’s all right with me. It’s those private messages that people send that are usually the most telling. It’s the people who don’t dare to step out into the sunlight carrying signs that declare their innermost feelings that I really write for. Don’t get me wrong, I write for everyone, but I love it so much when someone identifies with what I say and finds the courage to whisper to me that they found out that they weren’t alone; because if you can whisper it to me then someday, you can shout to the world.

If you read my blog and you find a way to express your bedroom fantasies to your lover, or if you read my blog and you find a way to tell your friend that something’s bugging you, or if you read my blog and you figure out that you’re not alone on some thought, feeling or opinion that you thought you were alone on, then I’m elated. If you read my blog and find yourself turned on, then I’m flattered. If you read it and you’re creeped out, well, I ask that you keep an open mind and keep reading, but I’ll understand if you don’t.

If you read my blog late at night, with the lights off, when you feel certain nobody’s looking, (and I know by my blog stats that many of you do) then I am honored and happy to be your dirty little secret. I’m glad to be your guilty pleasure, for it is when we’re alone with ourselves and our thoughts that fantasy begins to bubble into the forefronts of our minds… and fantasy is positively decadent. Fantasy is a great stress reliever. Fantasy is the one thing nobody can take from you. In your dirty little mind, you can be anywhere, doing anything, with absolutely anyone, and that’s as it should be. It’s from these wishes, hopes, and wildest dreams that we set our personal goals and figure out what makes us happy.

I encourage you to take the quiet moments when you find them and let yourself drift. Fantasize, dream, and indulge your senses in every pleasure you’ve ever found enticing. Inside your mind… you are the lord and master of all you survey, and the rest of us happily indulge your desires.

Well, good night, and … thanks for clicking on my link… it felt soooo good.

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