Thursday, April 7, 2011

Speak Low

I’m a very firm believer that it is the simplest things in life that bring the greatest joys. It is the small, simple gestures that mean the most in relationships. It is the basics that we always come back to in life because basics aren’t boring; basics are needs. There are times in life when we forget how awesome the simple, basic things really are. We begin to concentrate on bigger, shinier, brighter, more complex, multi-faceted, over-the-top rather than tried and true. It’s a sad thing, in my opinion.

I’m quite sure that somewhere in female DNA there is something hard-wiring us women to love the depth of the male voice. There’s something so… ‘meow’ … about a really low, really growly voice on a man that we can scarcely contain ourselves when we hear one. It’s almost a universal quality that women like about men. Some women may say they don’t like big muscles, or some women may like a man who’s really tall and shun the shorter ones but you never, ever hear a woman say “Hmmm… no…. his voice is too deep. I don’t like that.” The fact is that a deep voice on a man is sexy as all hell. I don’t know the science behind that fact, but I’ll tell you this: When a man with a really deep voice speaks low and slow to me… whatever it is in our feminine wiring that makes us want to attack like a wild lioness takes me over and won’t let go.

Tonight, as is the case on many nights, I drove home listening to the soundtrack from the most recent Rambo movie. I love that soundtrack. It has balls. There’s a wild, intense fearlessness to it. I also have a CD from a Scottish band called Albannach that, although not quite as ferocious as Rambo, brings up that same primal, battle-ready feeling and I listen to it quite often, as well. I also have a disc of wild thunderstorms and rain, again the sound is deep, rumbling, intense… nature at its angriest. And finally, a handful of discs filled with Native American inspired music, all of which are predominantly the sounds of drums and warriors singing proudly. The common thread through all of these discs are their link to the masculine voice.

If you’re a man, I wonder if you’re aware of the intense power you have over women with the depth that resides in your tone? Do you know that you can give us goose bumps just by speaking a certain way? I firmly believe that the concept of “whispering in someone’s ear” as a turn on came not from a woman whispering to a man, but from a man… one who knew this power well, and didn’t whisper, but spoke low and soft into the ear of a woman. When it is done correctly, as a select few of the men in my life have figured out, the claws of a wild lioness could do no more damage than mine, and yet for all the raging passion it brings out… carefully chosen words will turn the lioness into a purring little kitten.

Shall I tell you which ones? Hmmm… no… the select few who’ve figured it out may hold the secret of what makes ME purr… but each woman is different. We are mysterious creatures, yes, but always come back to the simple, basic things that make you male. Always appeal to the simple, basic things that make us female. Speak soft and low … it is primal, sexy, irresistible, and it’s so, so delicious as a woman to hear the depth of the male voice in an intimate and sensual way. You needn’t go overboard, just be your sexy as hell male self. It is the simple fact that you are Y and we are X that turns us on.

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