Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Side Effects Of Blogging

Writing The Power Of ME may cause: altered friendships with men, feelings of being ostracized by other women, frustration over people’s misinterpretation of your intentions, mouse shoulder, carpal tunnel syndrome, eye strain, unwanted advances, back ache, headache, loss of anonymity, writers block, objectification, unfriending on Facebook, fear of parental readership, sudden uncontrollable bursts of creative energy at inappropriate times, secretarial spread, neglected housework, lack of gym time, burnt food that you forgot was in the oven, random sentimental blubbering, a feeling of pressure to deliver articles on a time schedule that doesn’t actually exist, obsessive checking of “blog stats,” a permanent case of sore neck, strange emails, and an intense desire to write a book.

I’ve been pouring my thoughts out in this blog for a few months now, and I have to say, I really do enjoy it. I mean, aside from the side effects, some of which I anticipated and some of which I didn’t, it’s really been a great experience for me. A couple of years ago, people were suggesting to me left and right that I should start a blog. I was dead set against it. (Honestly, I can’t remember why.)

It took me a long time to finally decide that I not only wanted to start one, but what it would be; what it would contain, what I would call it, and what my goal was in doing it. I thought and though about it. I asked people questions about their blogs, I read blogs, I wrote things I thought I might want to post at some point, all of which, incidentally, I ended up deleting. Finally, one night late last year, I realized that the blog had to simply be called The Power of ME, and that it had to be about not one thing… but everything. I realized that what I really wanted to blog about was life, and life is a wide range of subjects.

Since then, I’ve written about quite a few different things, and had quite a few different reader reactions to what I’ve written. Most have been good, but there have been some things that have surprised me. I fully anticipated a little weirdness to come up over the posts that are about sex, and a little weirdness did happen, but sadly, I have seen some people bow out of my circle of friends over the past few months. Is it directly related to what I’ve written here? Well, I can’t honestly say with 100% certainty, however it seems rather ironic that each time I post something like that people have backed into the shadows and disappeared.

I don’t know if there’s a misconception about why I write about sex, in addition to the other topics. So, although I did do my best to explain why I wanted to write about it in the first post I did ( ) it seems to me that people may be under the impression that I’m writing about it for the sake of “getting attention” or for “shock value.” I can assure you, neither of those reasons are the case. It is honestly because I think that sex needs to be talked about in an open and honest way without shame or fear between partners. It is honestly because I think it should be taught to pre-teens and teens in school, in church, and by parents. It is honestly because I think everyone should be able to discuss issues with their doctors without tripping over their tongues. It is honestly because I think everyone should be able to relax and enjoy their sex lives and not feel inhibited or as though they’re wrong, or bad, or weird. How can I honestly expect you all to be open and honest with yourselves and each other if I’m afraid to be open and honest with you? I’ve never believed in “do as I say, not as I do.” I believe in putting my money where my mouth is. (*Thought you might get out of this post without some of my beloved clichés, didn’t you? Sorry! Never gonna happen!)

As for some of my other topics… I post whatever’s on my mind. Some days you may like what I have to say, other days you may not. Some of my opinions you may agree with, others you may not. No matter what, though, many of you have told me what you think, and whether that feedback is about my subject matter, my opinions, or even my writing; I appreciate it all and I respect it all. I write because my head is always filled with words. I write it all down here in order to share opinions, to make people think, and to entertain. So, please keep reading. Please feel free to share your opinions, and please know that despite the side effects, The Power Of ME is a pill I intend to keep taking.


  1. You go girl :) (this blog site is weird. I can't comment as me. So, this is your cousin :)

  2. My cousin with the Mermaid Hair?