Saturday, December 24, 2011

Karma’s Not Really A Bitch… She Just Plays it Straight

I will confess that I’m not Little Mary Sunshine every day of my life. I have my days when I’m miserable, bitchy, grouchy, hormonal, self-pitying, and just plain not fun to be around. Basically, though, deep down inside, I’m a happy person. I have happy parents, a happy sister, a happy brother, and I grew up in a happy community. I know I’m INCREDIBLY blessed to be able to say that, and not everybody can say the same. But, I got to thinking about it this morning because … well… for many reasons… but it’s Christmas Eve and though some Christmases in my life have been better than others, it’s always amazing to see the things that go on during the holidays with respect to the way people treat each other. Life, in my opinion, is really all about two things: love, and experiences. It truly all boils down to that. People say that all you need is love, and it’s true. I mean, you need food, water, clean air, shelter, and the like, but the point I’m trying to make is this: If you want to be happy then you have to decide to be happy, and if you want to be surrounded by happiness, then you have to spread it around like grass seed.

Jim Morrison was interested in how much influence he had over his audience at live shows and is famous for inciting riots. He proved to himself and to the world that all it takes is a seed. A seed planted in the minds of those around you; you simply tend to it and it grows. His “experiments” with the crowd, his disgust at their inability to think for themselves… it was something I read about as a kid and, being interested in how things affect people and cause them to behave, I had to look at Jim first and wonder why he felt that way in the first place. Read about him if you’ve got the time; he’s fascinating. Anyway it seemed obvious to me that Jim was a product of his upbringing, and the hatred he felt towards those who are easily manipulated caused him to incite these riots to prove a point. What he proved to me was this: The opposite is true as well, and when you have power, you should use it for GOOD, not for your own agenda.

People who get caught up in a never ending downward spiral of drama and anger and arguments and “bad luck” will often times ask the question “why me?” They want to know why they can’t just “be happy.” Well, I don’t have all the answers, but I can tell you this: It is honest to God true that what you give out in life, you get back. I’m not saying that if you drop fifty bucks in the Salvation Army bucket that you’ll get fifty bucks back… what I’m saying is that if you walk around in life spreading positivity and happiness you will find yourself surrounded by positivity and happiness. By the same token, if you walk around always angry and suspicious and confrontational, you will wind up surrounded by negativity and misery. It’s just how it is. Anyone who walks around with a miserable expression isn’t going to get smiled at. Anyone who is constantly confronting people is going to be treated with defensiveness. Anyone who starts a fight will find themselves in a fight.

Unfortunately, some people simply prefer to be angry and miserable all the time, and you can’t change them. You must know that some people cannot function unless they’re surrounded by drama and conflict, and you can’t change them. You must know that some people absolutely CHOOSE to be unhappy people and no amount of effort on your part will ever make them happy. We can only change ourselves, and we can only make ourselves happy. But, if you choose to be happy… if you choose to see the bright side of things even when the world seems like a giant pile of steaming dog poop every now and again… if you choose to have faith that things will get better and you choose to work towards making it so… honest to God it does come back to you.

Sometimes we’re stuck in a rut, and sometimes we’ve got the unfortunate displeasure of being related, either by blood or marriage or extenuating family situations, to haters and meanies. It’s tough, especially around the holidays, to find that warm and fuzzy place inside ourselves in the presence of those who live their lives with a stomach full of venom and a head full of evil plots. The holidays seem to magnify it all, but they’re quick and we’ll get through them. When it’s all said and done, it’s just everyday life, and in everyday life if you choose to be positive and to be happy and to SIMPLY NOT SURROUND YOURSELF with those who insist on misery and conflict at all times, and if you choose to spread smiles around and be caring and loving… I am here to tell you that it’s contagious. It’s more contagious than pink eye.

We’re only on this planet for a very short time. It’s a huge planet, filled with beautiful places and amazing sights and delicious foods and so many things to experience and be in awe of… and then there is the wonder and miracle of love. Family, friends, lovers… connections with other human beings are priceless beyond words. Not everyone you meet in life is going to feel this way. Some people were raised in a less than loving environment and they perpetuate it as adults, and it makes me sad, but if YOU want to be happy… YOU CAN BE. All you have to do is look around yourself and decide what’s important, and decide that things that don’t matter won’t get to you. Surround yourself with happiness and it will grow like weeds, I promise you that. Kiss the people you love and tell them they mean the world to you. Be happy with what you have in your life. Go outside and let the sun shine on your face. Celebrate small things that make you smile, and love with fury.

Karma does come back to you. People say Karma is a bitch, but it’s only a bitch if you’ve given it a reason to be. One thing that I always try to maintain is the realization that Karma will come back to everyone. Whether it’s good, bad, or ugly for other people is none of my business. I concern myself only with the Karma I create for myself, because let’s face it, taking pleasure in other people’s misfortunes is creating negativity, as well. So, look for the bright side and if you can’t find it, have faith that it will eventually show itself. In my experience, it always has.

Peace, everyone. I hope you all have a great Christmas, and an even better every day of your life.

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