Thursday, October 6, 2011

WANTED: Brave Soul

What do you believe about me?
Am I kind and sweet,
Filled with love and honor?
Or am I a play-thing ?
A toy …or a game
That you play in your spare time?
Is there truth in me?
In what you say?
Am I a gamble?
An experiment?
Are you brave enough to look into my eyes
Deep and long
And see that I am real?
Are you willing to put your hand on my chest
And feel my heart beating
Steady and sure?
Or does the thought of me
Kind and sweet
Filled with love, honor and truth
A woman
A friend
A partner
A lover
Make you want to run?
Is my strength a rock you lean on
Or a dagger through your soul?
Are my thoughts and dreams a touchstone
Or a mirror reflecting self-doubt?
Is loving me a nightmare?
A curse?
Or are you brave enough to stand before my fire
Steady and sure
Fearless to give me love, honor and truth?
Or will you panic…
Stone me,
Cast me out of your life
Afraid of what you believe about me?

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