Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Counsel of The Foolish Souls

For those I love.... ANYTHING.
Believe it.
So many foolish souls...

If you must stay in your cave,
I hope the fire is warm
and the wood pile endless.

When you emerge
I’ll not interfere
Merely watch from the forest
Until you’re strong enough
Sure enough

I leave offerings

Foolish souls…
Now in your tribes
Fighting off those who seek to overthrow you
Looking back to days when I hunted by your side

Yes, there you are,
Still in your cave
Frightened that you may end up
One of the many
Foolish souls

Warm yourself.
Feast well.
Call to the Gods,
Seek their council.

How long does she wait for me?

Rest well in your cave,
Letting time steal everything
But do not endeavor to join them

Foolish souls
Wishing I still hunted at their sides.
Settling for offerings at the feast
That I have left as gifts
But never knowing the safety of my tribe again.

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