Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Human Touch

I have an incredible attraction to big, strong hands on a man. I suppose it’s not so strange, being female, to be attracted to such a thing, but there is just something about the contrast between my small, feminine hands and a big, masculine set of hands. There is something about the feel of those manly hands in my hair while I’m being kissed, or on my shoulders when I’m feeling stressed… there is something about the way it feels when a pair of big 98.6° hands caress me. I’m not sure I can describe it. The strong, sure hands of a man that I love; it’s primal and exciting, yet also makes me feel safe and protected.

Lately, I see men handling mobile devices more than I see them resting those hands on the small of a woman’s back that they’re sitting by. I see them holding iPhones and iPads more than I see them holding the hand of their partner. It scares me to think that we’ve become so attached to cell phones and devices that we now text rather than call, and we now sit across from each other in restaurants separately texting people when we’re sitting at a table with another living, breathing human being.

Take a moment and consider the small ways in which we touch one another. I’m a very physically affectionate person. I don’t think I could live without that connection. I get high on the scent of a man’s skin. I love the way their bodies feel; vastly different from mine. The muscle tone beneath the skin, in stark contrast to the softness of my female body. To have my lips against a man’s neck, and feel his Adams apple, and the sensation of a freshly shaved face, smooth and rough all at once. The way his arms feel around me in an embrace; the strength of his biceps, the heat of his body, the taste of him… I get lost in it.

It’s hard to be away from those we love. To be separated by distance and unable to share a hug, to be too far away to sit together on the couch, or to be too busy to physically get together and create an atmosphere of intimacy. I know this feeling well, believe me. And so, I ask you, those of you who are glued to your phone, your iPad, your laptop… please, unplug from the cyber world and tune into your partner. Become acquainted once again with simple physical pleasures. Hold hands, kiss like you’re sixteen, exchange massages, and indulge your senses.

Don’t waste the time when you’re together. Our lives are so busy now, busier than they’ve ever been. We’re expected to be on call all the time due to these so-called miracles of technology.  Personally I don’t think it’s a good thing at all. There is very little separation between our professional and our personal lives now. It’s not healthy. Unwinding requires more than removing your shoes and taking off your tie. It requires really letting go of business and returning to your PERSONAL life. Shut things off; and turn yourself back on. Focus your attention on your five senses. If that requires getting out the Hershey’s syrup, taking your woman’s hand, and making a mess of the bed – so be it. That’s why we have laundry soap.

Sight, Touch, Taste, Scent, and Sound. Make them a priority. They’re why you’re on this earth to begin with. Live life and be awake and alive.


  1. Just recently, Lisa, the gallery owner/curater for The Whole 9, and the peace project, just took another trip down to Sierra Leone. During that trip she stayed in an area where not only are there no phones, but NO ONE HAS EVER USED A PHONE. A good three quarters of the world has never used a phone...pretty wild 'eh? ~Amoeba

  2. Wild, yes... but extremely cool. And as it should be. It's nice to know there are still places we can go to TRULY get away.